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Mon, Mar. 20th, 2006, 12:06 pm
lynzabeth: more: Christ the Miracle Worker in the Eucharist, part 3

Faith, the Condition for Christ's Performing Miracles.

Faith, I repeat
is the condition for Christ performing miracles. Is it any wonder that our faith
in the Real Presence, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, should be
rewarded by miraculous phenomena. But, what an important adversative, but, you
must believe!

What Is A Miracle?

What is a miracle? I thought before we went any
further it would be useful to explain briefly what a miracle is. It would be
equally useful to know that God works different kinds of miracles. Different
levels, if you wish, of miracles. It would be especially useful to know that our
Lord in the Blessed Sacrament performs the highest kinds of miracles which only
He, our Incarnate God, can produce.

In general a miracle is any effect perceptible by the senses, produced by God
which surpasses the powers of nature. Immediately we must explain that there are
three levels of natural laws that God can surpass and thus perform a miracle.
There are the physical laws of visible nature. Thus the sudden healing of a
fatal disease surpasses needless to say the powers of human physical nature.
Indeed surpasses the powers of all physical nature. Walking on water is
naturally impossible. The raising of a dead human being back to life exceeds all
created power, and no one but God with His omnipotence can raise a dead person
back to life. And just for the record, physical miracles are the lowest level of
miraculous phenomena.

On a higher level than physical miracles is the performance of what the
Church calls moral miracles. A moral miracle exceeds the powers of the human
will in the practice of superhuman moral virtue. For which the Church has coined
the term "heroic moral virtue". This in fact is one of the norms used by the
Church in her assessment of authentic sanctity. The lives of saints like Francis
of Assisi and Thomas More. The deaths of martyrs like St. Agnes and Maria
Goretti. These are witnesses to the miraculous power that Christ has given to
His most beloved followers over the centuries. In other words, every canonized
saint is a moral miracle. And today's world needs (what a safe statement) men
and women and even children who are practicing what the Church calls heroic

Finally, still on the different levels of miraculous phenomena there are
intellectual miracles in which God enlightens the human mind beyond all natural
capacity for acquiring knowledge. The most obvious witnesses to this highest
level in the time of Christ were (Shall I say it?) the dense thick-headed
Apostles. God had to enlighten them, and this is part of our faith -
miraculously. However, over the centuries Christ has continued performing these
miracles of the intellect. In a St. Augustine of Hippo, and in a St. Therese of
Avila, or in a Catherine of Siena. These testify to the power of Christ, the
Incarnate Truth, can produce among human beings who believe that He is indeed
the Living God in human form.